In an effort to find better methods to provide tickets to our community, the Mission Ballroom coming to 4242 Wynkoop Street, Denver, rolls out a modern method to purchase tickets for select concerts. We all know buying tickets can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming, especially for the high demand events. The fan sometimes has to wait for multiple pre-sales at a completely inconvenient time only to feel like the computer bots get all the tickets anyway. The Mission Ballroom wants to improve this experience. One of our missions is convenience and fairness. Therefore today we announce Mission Fair Ticketing.

The concept of Mission Fair Ticketing is sometimes referred to as a lottery. When we announce an event using this method the tickets are immediately available for a pre-reservation. The fan goes to AXS.com purchase page anytime from the announce of the event until the registration term lasts which will be clearly notated. Enter in at any time during the window the amount of tickets desired and type and your credit card to purchase as you normally would. The purchasers credit card is charged $1.00 to ensure it’s valid. Once the registration period ends we need a few days to review all the orders to remove all fraudulent attempts like bots, known scalpers and those attempting to buy more tickets than allowed. Once completed the computer randomly selects orders to fulfill until all orders are processed or until we run out of tickets. At completion, all orders selected will have the deposit applied to the order and the credit card will be automatically charged the remaining amount. If not randomly selected, the deposit will be refunded within 14 days. Tickets for those selected will be delivered to their account within a week of the event via Flash Mobile Delivery. In the event the concert does not sell out, the remaining tickets are available for purchase at AXS.com once all those who registered receive notification, typically 2 days later. IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW QUICKLY OR WHEN YOU ENTER AND SUBMIT DURING THIS PROCESS. IT’S A RANDOM SELECTION. NO ONE HAS AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE, I.E. SCALPERS AND BOTS.

While we recognize there is no instant gratification upon purchasing tickets we truly hope the community feels this is a more convenient, less stressful and a truly fair method to purchase tickets. As this is a new concept, not every event will employ Mission Fair ticketing. We will clearly advise which shows will use this ticketing method. Everyone deserves fair access and we believe Mission Fair Ticketing guarantees that for ALL fans. We look forward to seeing you soon when the Mission Ballroom opens in August 2019.